2nd Week Sunday

Weather has stopped some access, but still making progress.

Turnips and Radish planted, more weeding, started extending the top beds up to the boundary. Incredibly, the Radish have seedlings after just 3 days.

Carrots Lettuce and kale are now seedlings.

Some of the cabbage plants appear to have been eaten, we are informed it is probably pigeons, now covered with netting.

Something keeps pulling out the plant markers. Pigeons?

Sorted the wood into good and rotten from bottom right bed (No 4 on plan). Weeded and turned over 3/4 of the bed, Sil weeded and moved Strawberries and Raspberries. Finished off with trip to the tip, Lot’s of waste removed.

5mm of Rain in total this week. 1 Watering can per square metre, not that much.

7 days Rain up to 2021-08-08 = 8.8mm