Week 5

7 days Rain up to 2021-08-28 = 0mm


Early morning, Me and Sil, too wet to do anything, Sil weeded and tidied, planted her Kale that had been growing on the windowsill. I put framework around the netting, so we can lift it off. Cabbage has little white flies on (Cabbage White Fly”, apparently harmless to Cabbage but not good on Kale. Will need to treat.

3 Hours in total. Weirdly we were harangued by someone walking past quoting scripture….

No rain recorded for 2021-08-22


Have ordered some “Bug Clear for Fruit & Veg”, organic pesticide. will try it tomorrow

No rain recorded for 2021-08-23


A quick trip to the allotment, made up 500ml of the Bug Clear and sprayed the Cabbage, Broccoli and Kale. Will be interesting to see how it works. Looking at the ingredients, it is mainly Rapeseed Oil so is environmentally friendly

No rain recorded for 2021-08-24


Couldn’t get to the allotment today, fixing cars all day. Popped in during the week and the Bug clear is working.