Week 4

Sun. Best laid plans..

7 days Rain up to 2021-08-21 = 0mm

Woke up to rain, so limited as to what we can do today.

Probably did too much yesterday as we are both sore, BUT, it meant we got a lot done, the new bed is coming along nicely and we got our paths trimmed.

Going to try and plant the pre germinated carrot in the bottom left corner of the new bed, see if this comes up better.

Took some stakes to the allotment and picked up three bags of waste for the tip in the morning, still raining.

In the afternoon, after the rain, quick trip down to plant 3 rows of the pre-germinated carrot seeds at the bottom left of the new bed. Interesting to see how they come up.

No rain recorded for 2021-08-21


Popped down for 30 minutes, picked up three more pieces of wood, did some more weeding, watered seeds and seedlings.

No rain recorded for 2021-08-16


didn’t go

No rain recorded for 2021-08-17


Popped down for 10 minutes in morning to water carrot seeds and check all is OK.

After work went down with Sil for 30 minutes, dug some more of the new bed and Sil tidied and weeded, Sun was out, absolutely Gorgeous. No one else was there, really peaceful, relaxing

No rain recorded for 2021-08-18

Thu – Sat

Didn’t do anything, Weather too wet. Saturday, rained a lot…

No rain recorded for 2021-08-21