Week 3

Going to do one post per week and build it up as the week progresses.

7 days Rain up to 2021-08-14 = 16.8mm

Mon night, just had a walk around with Sil, didn’t do any work just chilled and enjoyed the allotment.


Finished off Gus’s Bed (see below), weeded some more. Weeding is going to be the major activity once the structure is complete. Going to need to bring the strimmer and clear the grass.

Fat pigeon flew onto the allotment, saw us watching and pretended to eat the grass….

Realised that I’ve messed up with the recording of planting, not sure what are turnips and what are radishes. Time will tell.

Gus’s Bed….

Wed, no work just walked around the allotment. Picked a couple of weeds.

Thu – Fri. Didn’t visit

Sat. Morning visit, started on converting bottom 2 beds into one. Managed to get lots of wood from the fence replacement that is happening at the bottom of the plots. Going to make borders .

Afternoon, used strimmer to tidy up and kept on with bottom bed,