Carrot and Parsley seeds, Pre Germination

I’ve been having problems with Carrot and Parsley germination. I’ve had several sowings where nothing has come up.

So, trying a new technique, as described here…

Seeds placed on Kitchen towel, soaked with boiling water and then placed in a warm place 25C and see how they go.

Going to give it three days then check the seeds and hopefully plant out.

This is actually a brewing fridge, but it has the advantage that it will keep the temperature constant. Seeds started at 21:00 on 12/8/21.

Parsley seeds after 3 days, planted out into cells on an indoor windowsill 15/8/21 . left 6 cells are “Plain leaved 2” 2 seeds per cells (left 2 have only 1. right 9 cells are Gigante d’Italia tape 2 seeds per cell, sometimes doubled up . will be interesting to see how they do..

Seeds beginning to sprout 22/8/21, just peeking above the soil.

The carrot seeds are below:-

Planting is interesting. Typically you plant in rows (drills), cover with compost / soil and then thin out when (if) they sprout.

With these., you plant with tweezers where you want them to grow. No drills, just prepare the soil, use the tweezers to push into the soil the required depth and then (hopefully) they will all sprout with no thinning required.

These were planted on 15/8/21.