Sunday (8 days since taking the allotment on)

Rained for 3 days. 7 mm of rain, the equivalent of 35 watering cans on the beds…..

Finally got back onto the allotment.

Got there at 8:00 am. worked for 3 1/2 hours.

Weeded, Dug some more, Extended the raised bed wood to the end of the allotment, Put down weed control fabric on 2 of the paths. sprinkled bark onto the new paths.

The bark came from Lidl, 2.99 for 40 litres, compared this with the bulk delivery options available online for 1000 litre bags and amazingly, Lidl was cheaper…

Planted 2 lines of Turnips.

Overheard a disturbing conversation, tools are being stolen from the allotments. Nothing expensive, £5 spade… Makes you wonder.

Back home for a relaxing dip in the spa, well deserved.

7 days Rain up to 2021-08-01 = 18.2mm