Launch Pad!

Today was the handover, New allotment, signed tenancy at 2:00 pm. Was much better than we expected. Not to overgrown and still with fruit and veg growing.

Picked up tools and back for 5:00pm

2 hours graft and :-

Forked over bed 2, surprisingly, it must have been a potato bed, got lots of new potatoes, removed horse tail weed.

Pulled poppies, tidied up, mowed a little.

Sil picked strawberries and raspberries, also weeded strawberries. Harvested the last of the broad beans

Planted three rows of carrots, one of iceberg and one of lettuce at top of bed 2. Dumped tub of weeds at tip, went home made compote with strawberries and raspberries and chilled off in spa.

Both exhausted but happy, beginning of a dream…