2nd Day

About 90 minutes work in morning

Forked bed 1, removed weeds, weeded between Leeks (or onions, not sure)

More weeding, lots of pulled weeds One tub of weeds into green bin.

Off to Stanton Hall to buy plants.
I can’t recommend this place enough. Local nursery, absolutely gorgeous gardens. Worth a visit just to view the gardens.

12 Kale, 12 Broccoli, 12 Cabbage, 1 squash, 1 aubergine

Kale and Broccoli into bed 2.

1 line of broccoli and cabbage into bed 1.

Squash and aubergine into bed 7, needed to fork and weed it first

Another hour of work. Finished with Sunday dinner (New fresh potatoes from the allotment, leavings from the previous owner!) and then into the spa for a bit of chilling.

Who needs a gym when you have an allotment!