Allotment Plan

Here is the original layout of beds in the allotment. Some were OK (needed weeding), others were completely overgrown. The beds make up about a third of the allotment and we need to increase this to over half the allotment by next spring. At the top left of plot, next to bed 3, there is a “Patio” area, it has carpet now and had paving stones on top. Plan to convert it to a large bed before spring.

Bed 10 has had the good strawberries transplanted to the other beds (8/8/21). So is now clear to dig.

BedRowsPlantDate PlantedNotes
21-3Carrot Seeds24/07/202112-16 weeks to harvest Nov-Dec
24-5Iceburg Lettuce Seeds24/07/2021
26-7Lettuce Seeds24/07/2021
2Bot12 Kale Plants25/07/2021Sept first harvest, Feb – March side shoots
2Middle3 Broccoli Plants25/07/2021
1BotLeeks? (Inherited)
1Middle9 Broccoli Plants25/07/20212-3 months to harvest Oct-Nov
1Top12 Cabbage Plants25/07/20214-6 months to harvest Nov-Dec?
5Left 2 rowsSil’s Couve (kale)27/07/2021Seedlings showing 3/8/21
5Right 2 rowsTurnip04/08/2021Thin 9″ and harvest after 6-10 weeks (Oct)
3AllStrawberries (Inherited)
7AllStrawberries (Inherited)
8AllStrawberries (Inherited)
10AllStrawberries (Inherited)Moved to other strawberry beds, merged with bed 9
6top rightSquash25/07/2021
6Middle rightAubergine25/07/2021
6Bot rightPumpkin Inherited
6Left 2 rowsRadish04/08/20214 weeks to harvest (Sep)
9Left 3 rowsCarrots15/8/2021Pre germinated for 3 days