Week 6

Sun 30 minutes working in the morning, little weeding and took some veg for Lais Mon 30 minutes working in the morning, Did a little digging of new bed and planted 3 rows of radishes Rest of the week, did not go as preparing for St Mary’s Loch at the weekend.

Week 5

Sun Early morning, Me and Sil, too wet to do anything, Sil weeded and tidied, planted her Kale that had been growing on the windowsill. I put framework around the netting, so we can lift it off. Cabbage has little white flies on (Cabbage White Fly”, apparently harmless to Cabbage but not good on Kale.… Continue reading Week 5

Week 4

Sun. Best laid plans.. Woke up to rain, so limited as to what we can do today. Probably did too much yesterday as we are both sore, BUT, it meant we got a lot done, the new bed is coming along nicely and we got our paths trimmed. Going to try and plant the pre… Continue reading Week 4

Week 3

Going to do one post per week and build it up as the week progresses. Mon night, just had a walk around with Sil, didn’t do any work just chilled and enjoyed the allotment. Tue. Finished off Gus’s Bed (see below), weeded some more. Weeding is going to be the major activity once the structure… Continue reading Week 3

Carrot and Parsley seeds, Pre Germination

I’ve been having problems with Carrot and Parsley germination. I’ve had several sowings where nothing has come up. So, trying a new technique, as described here…https://laidbackgardener.blog/2019/05/22/pre-sprout-for-easier-earlier-carrots/ Seeds placed on Kitchen towel, soaked with boiling water and then placed in a warm place 25C and see how they go. Going to give it three days then… Continue reading Carrot and Parsley seeds, Pre Germination

2nd Week Sunday

Weather has stopped some access, but still making progress. Turnips and Radish planted, more weeding, started extending the top beds up to the boundary. Incredibly, the Radish have seedlings after just 3 days. Carrots Lettuce and kale are now seedlings. Some of the cabbage plants appear to have been eaten, we are informed it is… Continue reading 2nd Week Sunday